A Masterpiece For The Most Special Day Of Your Life


This day is your Special Day

The Time to Celebrate your Love and your Happiness.

A Magical Instant to Remember. 

Maybe, though, you are struggling with some stressful points... 

  • The budget

  • The different advices of your family & friends environment

  • The full organisation of the event

  • The invitations

  • The weather
  • The decoration

  • The planning of the reception

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There is a good News :


All of this doesn't really Matter !

All that matters is YOU and the way you're going

to experience YOUR SPECIAL DAY  


The perfect wedding will be the wedding


will enjoy and remember your entire life


Make it memorable
 Make it unique.
Make it special. 

At the very moment I told my Wife :

Je t'Aime, tu es l'Amour de ma Vie,
Je veux Vivre, Rire, Pleurer et Grandir avec toi.

Believe me, everything else was secondary...

You can ask yourself what you really want for your wedding

  • Do you want, you and the Love of your life, to feel special ?

  • Do you want both to feel this Moment with all its intensity ?

  • Do you want to be the hero of your own Adventure ?

My Story

I’m a film composer from France, living in Switzerland. My wife and I live in Lausanne.We married a few years ago and for this moment, I wanted to have the perfect music for us, a music that reveals the Beauty of our Love.

The best way for that was to compose myself the soundtrack for our own wedding ! 

We enjoyed all the steps of this unique day surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, the Leman lake.

Although we had a small intimate wedding, there where so many things to consider, to think, to plan ! It was non-stop calls with family, friends, restaurant for noon and for the evening, shooting session...

Do you see the flower crown on the head of my wife ?... A friend had ordered it to a specialized florist in another town... The morning of the wedding, 2 hours before the photo shooting, our friend calls us from work saying he can't bring the crown... I jumped in the car with my best man, drove 1 hour go, 1 hour back to finally have it in time. This morning was so emotional and restless !

But all of this tension vanished into an overwhelming feeling of Momentum when the ceremony began...

With Music !


At this point, everyone knew it was happening. The Emotion couldn't be more intense, people stopped talking and everybody looked at us.

An hour later, we walked out and had the European tradition of guests trowing rice ... blowing soap bubbles instead... So sweet !

The Music literally gave the pace to our day, enhancing all our emotions and making it absolutely Unique...


I’m a film composer from France, living in Switzerland and working actively in the industry. I've composed the music of 15 films. I'm also a music teacher and member of a folk music band, performing since 4 years in Switzerland.

I also compose music for weddings, trying my best to add a magical artistic atmosphere to a magical moment.

I first started studying music at age eight with piano lessons, then started the guitar, working after that as a guitarist for french singers in Paris, then in Switzerland. I had my AVCEM Diploma in The Jazz School Of Lausanne EJMA. All in all, I spent over 15 years studying and performing music.



Why am I telling you this? Just to show that I’ve got the background and experience to put together a proposition of music that can really make the difference for your wedding.

Many of us have already been to such events and maybe you already though “Ok, it's just another wedding”...  

My goal is making your DREAM WEDDING MUSIC, a special and unique one, a music "faite sur mesure".


This will not only ELEVATE your wedding, but also every time you listen to this music you’ll remember the MAGICAL MOMENTS you experienced that day!

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(Inside this package, I selected the best music that I composed for weddings)






A New Day for A New Life

​This is The Music of your Wedding. This soundtrack will make you the star of the show, the Hero of your own Story,

As soon as the ceremony begins, everybody hear the Music and stop talking : they know they're a part of a movie, YOUR movie...


This is your moment, Emotional, Pure, Perfect. 



The Main Entrance and Speech musics of your wedding come with a free short version.

You also can choose an alternative track, with its own free short version, giving you even more choices for your special moment



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